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Thursday, 8 December 2016

Christmas Bracelet

Hi Everyone
I spent a little time yesterday making myself a Christmas bracelet (almost). It's a Christmas bracelet simply because of the colours. I wanted to create something which would include 'red' as well as a range of other Christmas colours. I've decided that I will wear something red on Christmas Day and the bracelet will be perfect. I now need to design and make a clasp for my Christmas bracelet. I think I'm going for a simple silver hook.

Im keen to make some new earrings too. Matching  jewellery (for myself) is not quite 'me' but something to compliment the bracelet in some way would be good. I'm not sure what I need at the moment ?


The bracelet is a simple design but the colours are lovely and I'm happy with the final look. I'll hopefully have something more to share tomorrow.

Thanks for calling in.