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Monday, 5 December 2016

Knitting Update

Hi Everyone
I'm giving a little feedback on my knitting projects today. Although, I feel I've not made much progress, Ive been working away with my little knitting projects all week.I must have re knitted both the thumb parts of the Filey Mits and my Neck Candy scarf so many times, I've lost count !

The Mits - the body pattern and the other elements ie buttons holes and 3 needle closure of the body and the afterthought thumb technique proved to be very straightforward, however, the thumb development part caused me many issues. I finished the job and it looked very untidy, lots of holes in the section where the thumb fits into the body of the mit and an untidy section at the base of the thumb. I repeated the job several times and managed to sort out the holes (I was't picking up the stitches correctly) However, I'm still not happy with the base of the thumb. It's bulky and the additional base section seems unnecessary. I think, I would prefer to have a smaller thumb section. I'm considering unpicking both thumbs again with a redesign of the pattern. Will sleep on it.
The Neck Candy- I've made this too many times ! I started the job on DP needles but quickly needed a longer needle. I'm waiting for a circular needle to arrive in the post but in the meantime, I'm using some old metal needles which I'm not that happy with. They are very long (not easy to use)  and I'm finding the knitting isn't very neat as a result. My previous post on this project illustrates a problem with the pattern. The scarf was the wrong shape altogether. I'd been knitting the wrong pattern - the instructions are very short and completely confused me. However, all is on track. It's quite a short knit although the needles are only 2.5mm. and the yarn is quite fine sock yarn. I could have knitted several scarves in the time I've been on this project.

I usually enjoy my knitting projects and look forward to a little knitting each evening. I've had a bit of a love/hate relationship this week !  
Hopefully, I can resolve all the issues and make friends with my knitting again.

Thanks for calling in.