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Wednesday, 14 December 2016

Handmade Christmas

Hi Everyone
I'm trying to co ordinate my Christmas preparations today ! I'm oblivious to what I've not done yet ! - this year everything seems to be rather slow to come together ! Until today, I've been quite relaxed about Christmas - I think semi panic is developing.
I've got a few days to sort things and today the final gift lists will be developed. Something I have done - is to print materials for handmade Christmas cards/tags and cut papers for little gift pockets. Also, Christmas cooking ie cake,sweet mincemeat and pudding are all done. I've prepared stuff for a Christmas wreath but am yet to put it together. However, lots to do and decisions to be made.
Here is a quick look at my card papers and gift pocket sample -


I want to dress the house too - even the kids have mentioned a lack of Christmas in our house  My favoured approach this year (not thought it through properly yet) is a simple Scandinavian style with greenery and white ribbons. I've seen something on Pinterest which is inspiring the look I'm after.


Hopefully, the simple Scandinavian look will be possible in a few days. My garden is full of lovely greenery and I have a large reel of white ribbon - what more do a I need !

Only time will tell what I can come up with. Will report how I get on tomorrow.

Thanks for calling in.