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Wednesday, 7 December 2016

Bracelet Modifications

Hi Everyone
A couple of blogs ago, I introduced a new bracelet project. The bracelet features Doughnut beads, made from polymer clay. My initial design used a magnet clasp and waxed cotton threading. Generally, the design is a good one. It's easy to wear and fastens particularly well. My only concern with the clasp is that the bracelet will unfasten easily and fall off. It's happened a couple of times when I've caught the beads on a coat or accidentally hooked the bracelet on something. With this in mind, I thought I could attach a fine silver safety chain. Silly idea - the chain simply collects in a very messy way around the magnet. Perhaps, the magnet clasp is not ideal for this bracelet ? I could use another style of clasp.

The other design issue for me is the movement range of the beads. I love the colours of the beads as they sit at the back of the wrist with the clasp on the inside of the wrist. The combinations of colours, stacked in a particular way is key to the design. My beads are very loose and are often gathered in an unattractive way around the clasp. It's not a huge issue but it's not perfect and regular adjustments are required.


My second sample bracelet (top image) is now under construction and I've made some modifications. The beads in the second bracelet are unfinished (waiting for paint/polish) in this image but have much smaller threading holes, this results in the beads staying together on the wax cotton, exactly where I place them. The beads look a little 'flat' but I'm certain they will look great when they're finished. I'm also testing out a different ball magnet clasp which is possibly stronger and more reliable ? I will also check out more clasp styles. I'm not convinced the magnet is a good solution. I have an idea of making a simple strong silver hook style clasp.

More on this project over the next few days.
Thanks for calling in today.