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Friday, 2 December 2016

The Niddy Noddy

Hi Everyone
I'm sharing yet another new knitting tool. Read back a week or so for the others. Today, it's something called a Niddy Noddy. The Niddy Noddy is a tool for winding yarn and turning the yarn into a skein. 
There are lots of different styles of Niddy Noddy tools - this one is unique , initially I thought it may be too big but it works well and winds the yarn beautifully.
Having this tool is especially useful for me as part of my yarn dying experiments as well as measuring yarn for specific projects. Prior to the development of the Niddy Noddy, I was forced into using the back of a chair or another person for winding - not brilliant ! The Niddy Noddy is designed to wind the yarn once around the skein to give 204 cm per round which gives me a bit extra than 50 cms for each side of the tool. So, I can measure the yarn via the tool.

The tool was made by my super woodwork team (my big boy and hubby). Thank you.


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