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Monday, 31 July 2017

Weekend Knitting

Hi Everyone
I've had some extra time knitting this weekend - I usually struggle to fit lots of knitting into my weekends. There is always lots going on and my usual hope is for a bit of knitting at the end of each day. However, this weekend, I managed a little more and have finished knitting my FairyHill Shawl by Helen Stewart. 


I've gone for the small size (I could have medium or large)  with the intention to wear as a scarf rather than a shawl. I've used my own handspun and hand dyed/painted yarn with a little help from some WHISTLEBARE, Yeavering Bell yarn in the Rockpools' Edge. I ran out of my own stuff and found the Yeavering Bell while at my weekly Knit Group based at FineFettleFibres. I was slightly disappointed about running out of my own yarn but on reflection the addition of the Yeavering Bell is perfect. Lovely yarn to knit with and such a great colour match.

The main colours of the yarn are a vibrant range of pink shades and splashes of light moss greens and the addition of the Yeavering Bell is lovely. I had initially thought about extra yarn in the bright pink but having added the delicate Rockpools' Edge colour way, I think the shawl is just right.

I need to block the shawl and am hoping the lace elements will work magic to the finished fabric. I've enjoyed knitting this project and am inspired to develop another skein of yarn for a new 'one skein knit' - pattern yet to be decided. My next range of colour ideas could be mustard and navy ? or teal and red or possibly both !

Thanks for calling in today.