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Tuesday, 6 February 2018

Embroidered Pendant - the end (almost)

Hi Everyone 
It’s almost the end of the Embroidered Pendant Project today (development phase). I’ve creates a few new samples using different coloured base components as well as a different stitch pattern. Sample 3 has beads added to the embroidery and I’ll also add beads to sample 1. These samples are specifically created for a Making Workshop later today and will inform the final kit versions of the project.


I will develop version 1 today but as far as The Project is concerned the basic formula is there. I’m interested in inspiring new ideas for similar pendants and am looking forward to seeing how our workshop Makers will tackle the Project.
I’ve used several different types of necklace with my samples, sample 2 has a flat suede cord and sample 3 has a round leather cord. Both cords use a barrel fastening and a lobster clasp. I did develop a few Kumihimo cords and although I’ve not used them for the samples above, I will go for a Kumihimo cord for the orange version 1 - possibly adding beads (to the cord) ?
As usual, I will share samples from todays Workshop (tomorrow) and there will be a round up of this project in a months time. The ‘round up’ will be a regular feature on the blog and will look at the previous four projects, whenever I get there. So, no time scale as such but every four Making projects. Hopefully, by each round up, I will have a range of kits available.

Thanks for calling in today.