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Thursday, 1 March 2012

Dresses Galore ................

Hi Everyone
weather is a little mixed today - bit dull now but its 'warm' - no coat required today ! Great.
Elsie's favourite from ModCloth
Not done much work - ordered lots of supplies for my current shop offer - to be in the shops tomorrow (2/3/12). I have a Miss Mitchel Limited Print (new), Miss Mitchell Tags (two new designs),Butterfly Jewels - from a Miss Mitchell original painting and some cute little Miss Mitchell Hearts (two styles made from fabric). Will post them as a group tomorrow as they go into the shop.

 I've also been wowed by ModCloth - modcloth they advertise on Elsie Larson's site abeautifulmess (often spoken about here ) and she tends to model their stuff from 'time to time'. I especially liked this dress (Elsie chose this as her favourite dress). This inspired me to take a closer look at their shop. I love their stuff.
Thought I would share my favourite dress of the moment from their collection. Here is is - its got a great space/shape at the back - lovely and quite reasonable (even with the postage from USA). Take a look at their site - lots of interesting reads with a 'to die for' wardrobe/room. I want it.

my favourite from ModCloth
On a similar vein - I also found this second dress with a yellow skirt - not unlike Miss Havershams skirt. You may remember this idea from a few days ago (take a look) . Incidently, its my birthday soon and I have bought the yellow dress from Marks and Spencer (with a discount) for myself (from my husband) How good is that ! I have told him - all he needs to do is wrap it. I am much excited about this dress. Such a lovely colour - very 'summer-like' - you can see it on my blog - few days ago.

 Must get on. Bye for now.
Miss Haversham style dress