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Wednesday, 20 June 2012

Bracelet Talk

Hi Everyone
Weather is great today - sunny and a little fresh but feels good.
Lots of catching up to do - both the house and my Work Journal need some attention.
So far today, I've done a brief trawl around my daily blog reviews and have come across a great link from a Pininterest post ( I have a Pininterest link here on my blog page - take a look). It's a DIY bracelet page including several tutorials  Link here

Sample tutorial
This is one of the great project tutorials - fabulous resource. I am definitely going to use them. I love layering bracelets in lots of different colours. I have a simple box at home with many simple beaded bracelets in it. I wear some of them almost every day.

my own messy collection of bracelets
As you can see - It's a complete mess and needs redoing - both the storage method ( what method ? ) is poor and the box itself could be better. I have ideas and am enthusiastic to make it happen. Watch this space.

another sample tutorial
Here is another look at one of the bracelet tutorials. Love it. The instrctions with pictures for each stage are very clear and easy to follow.

Thats it for today - I'm so behind on work this week - I've decided to go back to last Mon 12/6/12 and work through my plans. Prioritise and make another list !!!!
Must get to it.

Bye for now.