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Thursday, 28 June 2012

Bracelet Project

Hi Everyone
Words can't describe the weather we have had today. Huge storms lasting quite a few hours. Lots and lots of rain. Many areas in our region are flooded. We are fine but what a storm. The sky is beginning to clear a little and it's very warm.
My task to day was to get my work lists sorted and organise the next few days art. I've done that and worked on a bracelet - this is a leftover project so fits legitimately with my priorities. The bracelet is a kit from the bead shop Scotland - here it is :

I love the wrap idea and hope to develop some more of these with stuff in my own store. It's a simple plan but looks so attractive.I started really well and then ............

- I had not followed the initial instruction - and needed to undo all my work. Hence, being left unfinished. This is where I am now

Hopefully, I can finish the beading part this evening.
I'm also keen to move on one of the village mini paintings -

As you see I've added some words of wisdom and I need to add some more definition with pencils and paint. I will carry on with this until it's finished. I need a specific name and a story for these houses. Not entirely sure who lives where yet.
Must get on .
Bye for now.