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Monday, 25 June 2012

Sugar and Spice

Hi Everyone
Weather poor today - could rain any minute ! Very dull - not inspiring !
Had a great weekend away - rained lots but we stayed in a lovely place - beautiful scenery and a very grand farmhouse - lovely. I didn't spend time with Mary's audience - hopefully I will get something done this week.
Back in the regular world of work and school and all that goes with it. Wimbledon looming - I love tennis so am looking forward to the next few weeks. Lots of busy with school re the end of term. All in all not much time for loosing myself in my art !!
Last week I declared I was on a mission to complete lots of outstanding stuff. So, I've started with a little piece and will do a tiny bit more today.
Here it is - meet Harry Vickers. He is another resident in thepapersac village. He's a farmer and a bit of an artist - he likes to think of himself as a bit of a photographer too. I will spend some more time on him but he will eventually end up as a 'handbad' painting.

This is the other handbag painting (bottom picture)- its more of a style and similar technique to development.

I have another few pieces like these. They combine to form the Sugar and Spice Collection.
That's it for today.
Bye for now.