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Monday, 25 June 2012

Not so pretty !

Hi Everyone
It's Friday already can't believe where this week has gone. The weather is very unsettled not raining as I write but almost yesterday it rained all day and the ground is still very wet !!! Never mind. The garden is good with lots of colour and looking healthy.
We are going away for the weekend and if it rains I will have chance to sit and make art. So rain not a problem for me !!!
Have been very busy with life but have reviewed as planned a few days ago. I have my list and will work through it - no more projects (big projects - mini things are ok and do develop and inspire my work ) until my priority items (ie paid for) are complete. There are so many projects on my books that I will be busy for months
Mary is my main task she needs her friends on their seats. I've been meddling with a Papersac painting again - cant seem to leave it or chuck it not sure if it's an improvement or not ?

I now think I will paint all the background white -leave the house and the words ? One day something will work !!! The main problem in the background is the straight lines - I think ? Will leave it out of my sight for a while.
I've covered these images before but saw another reference to these not so pretty dolls on the crescendo site (wonderful inspirational daily blog)

They are great - I've drawn a couple of examples for myself - will spend a bit more time on them this weekend. Will share them next week.
Lots of packing to do - I will be back in a few days.
Bye for now