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Wednesday, 13 June 2012

Mary Haversham moves on

Hi Everyone
Weather is ok today - sun is shining !
I've been tackling 'the audience' in my Mary Haversham painting. Will show step by step progress - so far.


This is Mary although she has changed a little the top flower has turned into a brooch.
This is a range of photos of my approach to the people for the chairs. The numbers show the development phases.
My next move is to make the clothing and add more heads. Much more to do but its moving forward. Mary will have her friends eventually. I hope to continue with more dolls tomorrow.Will report progress.

Must get going.

Bye for now.

(1) basic body shape and sample chairs

(2) basic bod/legs/arms

(3) four body shapes

(4) sample doll on a chair

(5) sample doll on a chair in the painting