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Thursday, 14 June 2012

What would Miss Mitchell do ?

Hi Everyone
Weather today is deteriorating - when I got up it was great but now only an hour later it's looking very cloudy and there is a cool breeze. My weather station app tells me all will be well and getting better later. That's good for me.
Well, today is taken up with some volunteer stuff at my kids school. I also want to make progress with Marys friends (see yesterday's blog for more on this). I also want to get going with my little book about Miss Mitchell. I've decided to base the book on a Kelly Rae Roberts idea from her book buy here (see above)

Kelly Rae Roberts Project

This picture is the final product (from the book) - I will adapt the look but essentially I intend to use the plan. Will share when it's complete. I hope to contain a little handmade book in the space where you see the photo. The book will have Miss Mitchell's Story in it and some new images of her.

Miss Mitchell is the starting point for my beloved Papersac and she is a special character for me. I tend to think of her as a friend and find myself thinking 'what would Miss Mitchell do ?' - when I'm wondering what decision to make in my painting. Here she is.

the beloved Miss Mitchell

Sounds weird to hear this but it's the world I inhabit. Day by day my characters are growing and without realising - I feel, I'm finding out more about them rather than creating their story. I like this idea very much. I think of it as self development therapy.

Well must get on.
Bye for now.