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Tuesday, 26 June 2012

Olympics are here !

Hi Everyone
Weather report is poor again for today. It started Ok but gradually cloud formed and then rain and more rain !!!
I've been out at school events all day so very little time for anything else. I did add a little to Harry Vickers. I added his stick (he's recently had a hip replacement) and some bunting and a few buttons to his hat.

Still much more to do and hoping to add a little this evening
I did manage a photo with the Olympic torch or one of them ( a real one that did go through Northumberland) - I got this opportunity via a visitor to our school sports event which took on an Olympic theme throughout the day. Very successful event and the rain stayed away until the end - only just. Here is a picture of me with the torch

Must go. A little time for some art before bed.

Bye for now