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Friday, 1 June 2012

Fabric on my mind

Hi Everyone
Busy with family stuff - kids off school and a scout camp to pack for. Weather not brilliant - bit damp and coldish (for May).

Have still to complete all my digital photos of paintings to date - will do that today. Also looking again at all my large paintings (while reviewing paintings for photos) and beginning to add extra ideas and paint. It's a good move and the work is benefiting.

Love this deck chair - fancy making one just like it. I would like the wood to be painted white and distressed (a little) - not sure which fabric colour/style ?will think about this.

Great deck chair

Love this fabric - lots of cute motor cycles. Its a Spoonflower offer. The design recently won a weekly competition. I can see a similar image in a painting - will try and come up with a sketch.

Am still working on my mermaids and think I will develop for a fabric. Spoonflower have some great stories in their blog - take a look design on silk. This is a really unusual idea and full of great inspiration. Look at the results printed on silk.

design on silk

Fab little images on fabric
Running out of time. Off to camp.

Bye for now.