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Wednesday, 27 June 2012

List Time

Hi Everyone
Today looks and feels as if it's going to be OK weather wise - few clouds and rather damp under foot but ? I'm hoping.
My home needs some TLC - much mess and disorder plus very little fresh food available. So I will spend as much time as absolutely necessary and then do some painting.
My mission is to complete outstanding projects. Harry Vickers needs more and ...... ? I need a list to work to - without a list I will be distracted and in danger of starting a new project.
I've not been trawling around my blogs for a few days so need to do that. This activity sets me up for thinking slots throughout the day and makes me feel I can create all day (even if its just in my head).

Here is a fantastic example of the thinking prompt - love this idea and am now off thinking how can I use this idea in one of my paintings. It's so inspiring that I will come up with something and apply it. The article is from Frankly here.and here (another information link).

Must go

Bye for now