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Tuesday, 19 June 2012

Inspiration from a 'Lovely Lady'

Hi Everyone
Weather today has been very mixed. One moment hot and sunny - the next almost raining (very lightly but cloudy). Ended up looking and feeling like summer.
Today' was a very sad day - a Great, Great Aunt died last week and I went to her funeral today. Aunt Elenor made it to 100years and 6 months. Amazing. She was a lovely lady with lots of humour and love of life. I spent all morning thinking of lovely memories of her. The church service was a positive celebration of her life and the story of who she was - very well done by the Vicar. I have a lovely image of her in my mind - as an older lady but I also have a wonderful photo of her as a young woman at my Grandmothers wedding . I spoke with her several  times about the photo and the other people in it. These stories retold themselves while I thought of her today. I will miss her.

As a tribute to her I'm going to make (paint) a doll called Elenor and will base it on the wedding photograph. I particularly like my Grandmothers hat and my Grandfather looks very handsome. I will include Elenor's late husband Charlie in the painting. Unfortunately, I didn't know .Charlie but will base him on my Grandfather. I quite like the idea of reproducing the photo as a painting. We will see what happens.
I also managed to make some cakes - here they are. My boys love these muffins - they are quick and easy to make and full of all the things we shouldn't eat much of !! We ate them anyway.

My art has suffered today. So nothing to report there. I'm determined to make up for that tomorrow.
Bye for now