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Monday, 11 June 2012

Tales from the seaside

Hi Everyone
Weather today is very specific - this is a new app I have - love it. It gives a detailed look at my weather - not sure you can read it. Basically, its fresh and sunny at times with potential showers.

my weather today
I've been on holiday last week - fabulous time.Weather not that brilliant but we spent time walking on the beach and watching movies and lots of nice food to eat. Even did a few sketches

book cover

These sketches are from a book I made last year from a large piece of good quality watercolour paper. My intention was to produce a range of 'whimsical' animal - like sketches. The book has been waiting for attention for some time. I only had an hour or so to spare on the book - so didnt get that much done. I really enjoyed the sketching plus a little bit of water colouring with some pencils and a 'waterpen'. I will add to the pictures and hope to keep the book going for holiday stuff.

There was inspiration from the beach for Beach Cottage. I saw lots of lovely colours in the rocks as well as fab grasses and small flowers along with sea weed varieties. All these elements seem to come together in a subtle 'light' - which is very specific to the coast. The whole experience was most inspirational and very relaxing. I often find this feeling at the seaside, although - I've decided I need a beach with very few other people on it !! Our beach was such a place - hardly anyone else in sight. Perfect. I've only added a few things to the painting but I'm calling it progress.

Here is another little house to add the the village - very similar but 'different' - I want to use the colours of the beach which have stuck in my mind - mustard and blues washed out and distressed . I need to make lots of paint samples to compare.Not sure who will live in this one ?

Thats about it for my update.

Bye for now.