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Wednesday, 18 December 2013

Being Inventive

Hi Everyone
The sky looks a bit angry this morning and storms are 'brewing' - let's hope the weather turns out OK later.

I'm still working on Christmas ! - as usual it's a mega panic to get organised and juggle all that needs doing. I'm not 100% happy with my house decorations - things need pulling together. So, I will spend some time thinking this through this morning and making another list !!!

I did push some work in last night and have a few clay items ready for baking. You may remember some rings I made last week. Ive been checking for photos and can't find any for the initial stage (maybe I didn't take any ? ). I made three rings in total, all with a simple band and a faux 'stone'. Each part made separately. Ive experimented with two ways of linking the two. One is simply 'glued' with soft clay and the other is embedded into the 'stone'. Ive got another in navy to complete after I decide which method works best.
Here are the two 'experiments', the lighter one is faux bone and the other a 'wood' finish.

I also embedded some posts on to small faux metal earrings. I will bake and then add paint and bake again. I'm not sure what colours to use - perhaps some 'brights'.

The larger items in the photo above are a couple of very thin pieces of baked clay that Ive 'sunk' into clay - I still think they are probably destined for the bin but thought I could be inventive ?

Talking about being inventive, Ive embarked on a new project which will run alongside my work. It's a way of moving myself and business into a new phase.
Do What You Love is a self help initiative within an online community. There is a series of activities which begin to look at being successful in 2014 - whatever that means for the person involved. For me it's about being focused and successful with thepapersac and redefining what it is I'm doing. Ive done a few sessions and will use it as a structure to move myself on. On that note, I must get going.

Bye for today.