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Wednesday, 4 December 2013

Day 7 of Christmas Prep.

Hi Everyone
It's a lovely sunny morning - very bright sunshine. Love this sort of 'warm look' in winter.

Day 7 of my Christmas Prep. is here too. Today, I'm dealing with TAGS. I'm taking a slightly different approach this year. Ive got my usual thick tag for favourite/special people in co ordinated surface patterns. I'm linking the whole theme to a simple snowflake thing which is going on throughout. This is partly for an 'up fussy' look in the house but also because when Ive developed lots of embellishments snowflakes from a batch of the same colours and materials it's so much easier to tie everything together and be creative 'on the hoof'. My standard thick tags will look like these tags :

Ive developed several sizes and will probably make about 20. The tag shapes are cut from a Sizzix traditional red tag die. I often use this die for tags. I covered thick card with the colours and embellishments you see (common to the whole theme of my prep. Days).

My other idea this year is to adapt and personalise some very, very cheap tags from a large supermarket. I got loads for about £2.

These few tags certainly look and feel like pretty additions to my wrapping things. I'm tying them in with my theme by adding embellishments from the core theme ie the snowflakes and name/message plates etc. Lots of ideas are possible and each one can be slightly different making a brilliant look for very little effort (once the snowflakes are produced). Printing and ink costs as well as time taken in cutting etc make this style of mass tag development 'do-able'.

Here are a few more of my initial efforts. I think using the common colours and font styles bring the whole collection of together.

I hope to develop about 10 each day and use these for my wider present wrapping. When we have our tree up and all the gifts are wrapped etc I will take more photos to show the collective impact. I'm optimistic they will look great.

Hope you are inspired to make personalised and individual tags of your own.

Bye for today.