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Monday, 9 December 2013

Day 10 of Christmas Prep. @ thepapersac

Hi Everyone
The weather is very mild today - clouds are racing across the sky ?

It's Day 10 of Christmas Prep. @ thepapersac and I'm introducing the ENVELOPE to contain the voucher from Friday. It's a very simple fold style item and I'm using a thin cardstock with my usual core embellishments to decorate. I did intend to post this Saturday but events took over !!!!

Here is my first envelope :

The first example is quite a traditional approach (this voucher is for an older person) - I need to produce quite a few so will experiment as I go.

I started with my red surface pattern (produced a while ago in navy). I trimmed an A4 printed sheet to snugly fit the voucher.

I folded the sheet with the voucher inside to find the best fit.

I ended up with 2 folds and a deep flap.

The red clipped circles of card are positioned to hold the voucher in place. It can easily be removed from each side.

Ive added another circle with a small white snowflake for the back closure.

Here is the inside of the empty envelope.

Ive added a white label and another small snowflake on the front.

Another Happy Christmas label adds a festive sentiment.

I will make more envelopes in this style with a variety of papers to vary the look of the individual gifts. Ive decided on a variety of vouchers for several Christmas gifts and will use ribbons and tags to make each envelope special. When we have out Christmas decorations and the tree organised, I hope to hang the envelopes on our tree. I will share photos.

Hope you are inspired to include some handcrafted vouchers with envelopes for yourself.

Bye for today.