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Thursday, 5 December 2013

Day 8 of Christmas Prep. @ thepapersac

Hi Everyone
The weather is 'extreme' today - very strong winds and quite wet. I always find strong winds rather unnerving - not sure if I will go out today ? Let's hope this weather front moves on quickly.

It's Day 8 of Christmas prep. and I'm preparing LABELS for my home made sweet mincemeat.

I always make a few jars for family mince pie making on Christmas Eve - we have done this every year since the kids arrived. We have wonderful photos of the boys 'making' mince pies AND lots of mess over the years. We bring them out occasionally for the ultimate in embarrassing childhood photos !

Ive made the mincemeat and its in the jars - now ready for making pretty. I have a jar spare, so I will turn it into a gift. I'm keeping things simple but have followed the core decoration theme of reds, purples and snowflakes. The labels make a few recycled jars look great. I love to use things which are decorated - generally, I feel it adds to the experience. Here are a few photos of how I decorated my jars :

Here are the filled, recycled plain jars.

I printed some labels using the same font and surface design from Day 6 Card.

I personalised the labels with our name and a date.

Here are the tools and embellishments I used. All the snowflakes shapes are the same as I have used for the previous days projects. Using common embellishments, colours, labels etc does make 'decorating life' simple. I think it adds to an overall pretty 'effect' when all the Christmas decorated items come together either as a display or simply scattered around my 'Christmas' house. I don't want a contrived/designer look (just as well !) but I think my eclectic house style is enhanced.
Here are the prepared jars :

Here are the labelled jars. The recycled jars have quite nice lids but I have added to the jar with the brown paper 'hat' - to give as a gift (I will personalise this later).

The decorated 'cap' top is not necessary for us and will just go in the bin but I feel the need to have some little embellishment. This is my solution :

Hope you are inspired to decorate a jar or two.

Bye for today.