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Thursday, 19 December 2013

Introducing RED

Hi Everyone
It's a lovely bright sunny morning today - low sun in the sky.

Ive got loads of Christmas wrapping to do today and Ive got to be disciplined with this job this morning - my treat reward (if I complete the wrapping) will be time making up some new jewellery design experiments. I managed to experiment most of yesterday and feel Ive been 'truanting'. I did nothing on my lists at all !!

However, today I must get back on track ! Coffee first.

This is what I did yesterday :

I filled in the bottom of my faux bone ring and will distress the white bit and add some colour to blend with the ring material. It fits great and it's an experiment so I can make further alterations if I wish.

It fits great and very comfortable.

More blue stuff - destined to be broach and earrings. These are quite delicate. I want to add a high gloss to parts of the surface. I want to experiment with a handcrafted pin for the broach. Will let you know how it goes.

This is very exciting for me - these are the first examples of the faux metal bows Ive been planning to do for some time. They turned out better than I expected. I want to make a few pieces out of the bow beads. The idea was to mimic metal and I was going to sand the edges to be quite thin. However, I like the feel of these ones and will go with the thickness for now. I will do further experiments with thinner clay too.

Ive also made a small kidney shaped red earring, this is similar to the navy pair from a few months ago. I am much more inclined to wear very small earrings for everyday use and am going to work on making more small earring designs (as a policy).

Here is the navy bow version with embedded ear hooks. After a short time of wearing, the baked in hooks came out so I needed to resort to glue. I'm not entirely convinced about glue for this job.
I had originally decided to drill a hole for the hook to fit through (in the spine middle) but the colett on my machine was too large for a tiny drill I have. New collet required (not sure how to spell that word ?) - Ive used two spellings, one should be the right one. I will order a new smaller colett today. Here is a very poor photo of the earring in my ear. It's so difficult to take a self photo with an earring. Will get my son to do another ASAP.

Here are more red beads. Not many (I know) but they will become a little necklace on a chain, I think ?

The last photo is yet another blue (almost green) earring. Ive layered teal coloured mixed clay on a simple shape and painted navy around the edge. The result is a delicate textured earring bead. I love these and will keep them for myself.

Must get wrapping.

Bye for today.