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Tuesday, 10 December 2013

Day 11 of Christmas Prep. @ thepapersac

Hi Everyone
Weather today is a bit 'dull'. It's quite dry and relatively mild.

My Day 11 prep. is a GIFT POCKET. Regular readers will know that I have used this design many times and it's perfect for a very quick and small instant 'box'.
Here is my Christmas example this year :

There are lots of possibilities for decoration and in this one Im using the same core snowflake embellishments. I'm also using the tag I made earlier in the preparation. I think this one will hold a pair of earrings and the size is perfect. I will wrap the earring gift in purple tissue and maybe add some snowflakes inside to scatter when the package is opened.

Here is the picture story of the development process. It's very easy and quick - brilliant when there's lots to do.
Ive started with a standard A4 sheet and printed my pocket design - this size will produce 2 pockets.

Trim the page as per the picture.

Glue along the boarder.

Press the boarder edges together to form a circle.

This is how it looks from the outside.

Press the end section together - try and keep the join seam a little to the left, this is important when you close the top. If the join is central the top closure tends to get in the way of the tie.

Turn the pocket and do the same flat closure on the top - this gives the pocket a box like form.

You now have a triangle shaped structure. Despite using simple printer paper, the pocket is extremely robust.

Ive cut a Merry Christmas message from a print out and snipped some ribbon like ends to the little paper strip.

Decorate the pocket in any way you wish - here Ive got my core embellishments of snowflakes in red, purple and white.

Punch two holes in the top of the pocket.

Attach a label of your choice.

The pocket offers lots of opportunities to make different unique packaging and the whole thing is a lovely item to present on Christmas Day. It's simple and quick to make and can be constructed in a range of sizes - the size of the paper sheet is the only restriction. I find the best pockets are these little ones - great for jewellery.

Hope you are inspired to make some gift pockets of your own.

Bye for today.