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Friday, 13 December 2013

'The Gold Collection'

Hi Everyone
A mild but 'breezy' day today with some of the low sunshine back on the skyline. Clouds are racing across the sky as I look out of the window.

I'm focussing on my new necklace from yesterday again, I did manage some of the development and have gilded and sealed the gold tubes. Ive renamed it 'The Gold Collection' - perhaps a 'little' deceptive ? moving on........ I will polish my little faux shell beads and string the whole thing. I need to buy my new top too ! (already sourced to wear with the necklace). Unfortunately, my plans for today and the purchase of the new top are changed because our little boy is not well and he needs me to be with him - so the new top will need to wait for another day.

Back to the necklace - the beads were sealed overnight after gold leaf had been added.

Here is something like the final thing with a bonus additional bracelet.

Looking in detail, some of the gold leaf has discoloured with the seal. I think I will redo the gold leaf layer on some beads to see what happens and try another seal.

I like the look of the finished items and am preparing a lovely idea for storing the beads. I will share tomorrow (after/if Ive done it !)

I also had a little go at carving the big ring from yesterday. I deliberately made the ring large and in need of carving. My polymer hero (Genervieve Williamson) makes lots of these rings and Ive been thinking about doing one for a while. It's harder than it looks. I think my ring was not chunky enough at the beginning. It's large but slightly too thin. Anyway here it's is so far - the first photo is pre carving.

These two photos show each side of the ring.

I like how the carving changes the look and would like the highlight the carved surfaces somehow ? - will work on that one.

I like the idea of the 'button' things in the middle I wanted to give them the gilding treatment but I'm not sure they will work ? I will keep looking and carving and see what happens.

That's it for today.

Bye for now.