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Wednesday, 11 December 2013

Day 12 of Christmas Prep. @ thepapersac

Hi Everyone
The weather is quite calm with an amazing sky - not sure that the photo is giving a true image of the colours ? The red sky is very bright giving a warm 'glow' to the landscape.

It's Day 12 and the last day of my Christmas prep. Today I'm offering some CAKE TOPPERS for my Christmas cake.

Ive made my cake and it's going to get an almond paste covering on Thursday and then next week a white royal icing. My usual style is the standard snow scene ! (for obvious reasons). We have a family 'decorating the cake session' and over the years it's improved to the point that now the boys are demanding more trees for 'their design'. We have a Santa and a few other bits but could do with more. I decided I would try and tie in the cake with the general red and purple snowflake thing to match the rest of the Christmas theme. This is what Ive developed so far. I probably need to make some more to make a little forest scene. When the whole thing is complete I will take some photos to share.

These toppers are so easy to do. Ive got some photos to show what I did. I collected the snowflake embellishments together and found my favourite Christmas tree die.

I cut trees out in the colours of the snowflakes and simply glued them together with a cocktail stick in the middle.

Ive tried to make each tree slightly different by sticking the little embellishments in different places on each tree.

I will probably make the same styles again to produce 12-15 trees.

You could use this idea for any topper to give you cake an individual look. Hope you are inspired to have a go.

I'm almost prepared for Christmas in terms of my handmade items. My 12 days feature has helped me to make it happen. I will continue to take photos of the whole snowflake theme and will share them as I develop our Christmas house. I need to get going or the whole event will be here !

Bye for today.