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Friday, 6 December 2013

Day 9 of Christmas Prep. @ thepapersac

Hi Everyone
What a stormy day we had yesterday - we had a very windy and wet night too ! Now, it seems quite calm. Beautiful sky - low sunshine and high thin clouds.

Today is Day 9 of my Christmas Prep. and I'm preparing a GIFT VOUCHER. I find myself needing gift vouchers often as the kids get older. With small children - present giving for me was a relatively easy decision. Time was needed but the decisions were straightforward. With teenagers - present giving is very different ! So, my solution is a voucher of some sort. I could just give money but I think the voucher thing is a bit more 'present' like.
I have a template that Ive used before for business vouchers and I altered this template to make my Christmas voucher. It looks like a bit like a formal cheque. I will write down something special on the piece of paper to reflect my present idea eg it could be x£ for books or some other item. My usual problem is choosing the exact brand or colour or book or whatever ? (only ever known to teenagers).
Other members of my family will also get a voucher this year, for things that I prefer them to choose themselves ie. to get the exact right thing. My idea is to make the voucher look like a special item which has taken some time and effort to create.
Here is the printed template as it comes off the printer :

Ive also developed some Christmas message plates to decorate a voucher envelope and tag.

Here is the trimmed voucher, with some notes to illustrate my thinking.

I will probably need quite a pile of these things. Although, it's an easy thing to produce, I do put lots of time into thinking what I will write for the gift idea.

Hope you are inspired to creat your own vouchers.

Bye for today.