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Tuesday, 3 December 2013

Day 6 of Christmas Prep. @ thepapersac

Hi Everyone
The weather today is rather damp and overcast. However, I'm feeling lots better today (minor virus for a week or so). So onwards and up with my 'to do' lists.
Ive got lots of jewellery to go in the shop and I need to prepare for Christmas too. Ive also got loads of wacky ideas about new jewellery designs. I'm not sure how practical their 'wearing' will be ? I'm going ahead anyway !!!

Back to today .... My Day 6 prep. is another card. This time the card is more of a 'special' persons card with more work and a personalised element. I'm making this sample for one of my brothers (I'm sure he's not a regular reader - so I should be OK).

I'm using a photoshopped background of an original mini painting as my starting point. Ive printed the artwork onto an A4 piece of thick paper in the same way that I did for my earlier simple card (Day 3).
Ive also printed some messages inside and on the cover and folded the card in a similar way. Look back to Day 3 for detailed instructions.

I wanted this version to be a slightly larger item and have lots more detail. Here are a few photos to show the process.

I wanted to give the card a special look with a snowflake border made from a single Tim Holtz Sizzix border die and a few smaller range of snowflakes - all used on my prep board from
Day 1.

I added a pair of die cut bracket marks to frame a label for the back of the card.

I trimmed the white border on the left of the photo and kept the border on the right for the snowflake collection mount. Once the snowflakes were in position, I trimmed the top and bottom.

I added a ribbon on the front of the card and because it's for a man I thought a black colour would make the card masculine. My alternative to the ribbon was a black large snowflake. I think either would be OK. My personalising bit comes with my brothers name. I made the letters from a Sizzix alphabet die. You could make a label on a word processed or write it on the card.
Here is the card with a few extra bits - the ribbon, name, extra snowflakes and a little bit of bling (tiny sticky back stones) in the middle of the small snowflakes.

Hope this inspires you to personalise a Christmas card for a special person.

Bye for today.