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Monday, 2 December 2013

Day 5 of Christmas Prep. @ thepapersac

Hi from thepapersac
I'm a bit late on posting today - we are all suffering from a virus ! everyone has been knocked out by this one over a series of days. Ive been soldiering on but am now on the edge of taking to my bed. As a consequence Im operating even more slowly than usual !

However, it's a bit dull outside but it's also Day 5 of our Christmas Prep. - and no matter what 'the show must go on' !

Today, I'm taking inspiration from a decoration I bought a few weeks ago. It's a Christmas BAUBLE .Here is it.

I will re do it in some musical note paper, red and purple to match my colour theme this year. When it's done I will share the final display. Here is the inspiration decoration - it's a large, card bauble.

Here is what I did. I started with 6 pieces of a little note stack. Each paper is 9cmx9cm. The thickness of the paper is important. If the paper is too thin it will fold over at the edges too much and just 'flop' later. I guess it's trial and error, my paper came from Paperchase.

I folded each note in half.

I made a pencil line of the outline of the shape of my bauble - any shape would do. Just remember you need to cut out six and if the shape is too tricky to cut precisely, the end result, may look lopsided.

Next, make 3 holes - top, middle and bottom of the shape.

Sew a simple sewing thread through the holes and tie neatly, make the tie quite loose on the spine. Add another piece of hanging thread in the centre of the top thread, open up the bauble first to do this. I used red embroidery floss. Finally, tease out the 'flaps of the bauble and display.

This is my prototype - I will make lots more and add to the larger musical paper versions.
This project took me only a few mins to make, so I'm up for making a few more. You could make any style or add lots of different embellishments to match your Christmas themes.

Hope you are inspired.

Bye for today.