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Friday, 15 May 2015

Friday Project - earring posts

Hi Everyone
It's Friday already, how did that happen ? I'm sharing a little project today which I've been thinking about tackling for months. If you are a regular reader, you will know that I make lots of small Button earrings. I usually use Sterling silver posts when making the earrings - which I've bought 'ready made' However, this time I've made some posts from Sterling silver wire (0.8mm).
Having done a little research, it seems the standard length of a post is about 11mm. I tend not to stick to rules but the Professional website gives this lovely little diagram to show the standard measurements for a earring post. I'm sharing this great little diagram showing all the details :


I followed this measurement and 'balled' the end of a length of wire, hammered the ball flat(ish) and used the resulting  shape to anchor the post into the Button bead of the earring. Fantastic result. I have a quality post FROM SCRATCH which appeals to my 'maker' principles. The photo story shows (bottom right) my post which has been balled at both ends. I did this to ensure both posts could be equal and were a good length for the size of the bead. After embedding the bead into the clay, I simply snipped half way along the post to separate and give two posts. It was a reasonable idea and worked well, so I will use it again.
 My only problem now is to create the butterfly back of the earring ! - no chance. I don't have the skill or the time to create the shape (at the moment) Im determined this will eventually happen. My 'butterfly back'  to come  will probably not be a traditional one but I'm sure I can make something. In the meantime I'm using a plastic back.
Take a look at my process. 


I'm feeling very smug with myself. It's no great achievement but I've done it and it's very satisfying - this is what MAKING  is all about.

Have a good weekend.
Thanks for reading.