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Wednesday, 20 May 2015

Kits - The Paper Creaser

Hi Everyone
I'm starting a new post for Wednesday's today, slightly different from previous Wednesday's . The main idea is to highlight Making Framework Kits. The kits could be Tool Kits or Project Kits or even bits of kits. These kits are designed to run alongside workshops and/or Make and Take Sessions but will work well as stand alone and self directed projects.
My post today is all about the paper creaser, I love this tool. It's useful for lots of things and I use an old thing which I've had for years.


I must have had this tool for about 10 years, bits have been trimmed at the pointed end (a few times) but it still works well. I use the creaser mainly for creasing card when making greetings cards or boxes (from paper material) ; but I also find myself looking for it each time I cut any paper or card with a craft knife. Often a slight raised edge is created and the creaser easily makes this flatten out and gives the final cut line a very clean and neat finish. This sounds like a minor issue but the whole quality of the cut line makes the final product so much better.
The creasers offered in the Basic Paper Craft Tool kit are these :


The creases can also be purchased individually. Both styles are very similar in use. I think the style is a personal preference, I have used both these different shapes with the same success. If I was to choose the shorter version is my first choice, I think, because my original creaser is the same shape. 
All the Making Framework Paper Craft Kits will use this tool, for me, it's essential. Like my creaser, it will last for years - so it seems like a good investment too.
All the kits I will featureare will be available from 20/5/15 in my Etsy and Folksy Shops - there is a link on this blog page.

Thanks for reading.