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Wednesday, 13 May 2015

Paper Craft Tool Kit

Hi Everyone
If you look back yesterday, you will read that Bella (our virtual student Maker) went to a Paper Craft Wirkshop. She made a card and a couple of tags from the  Paper Craft Kit (2). The workshop provides all the necessary tools but Bella wanted to keep going with her paper crafting at home so bought one of the basic Paper Craft Tool Kits. These kits are available via the workshops or via the online shop (from 20/5/15) - there is a link on this blog to the shop.

This morning Im sharing the FROM SCRATCH Paper Craft Tool Kit.


The kit contains :
  1. Self healing cutting mat
  2. Craft knife
  3. Creasing tool
  4. Glue
  5. Metal ruler
  6. Metal tweezers
 This will form the basic kit but additional items will be available to accompany new projects. Each item in the basic kit will be available seperately.
Bella didn't have any of the items other than glue but she liked the particular glue used in the workshop so decided that would be a good purchase.
We will develop a carry bag for the kit in a future workshop and Bella has already booked her place.

Thanks for reading.