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Monday, 11 May 2015

Make Art Monday

Hi Everyone
Monday means it's  my Make Art Monday series and I'm sharing a watercolour mouth today. Im still in the experimental stage before putting my practice into the final painting. If you read back you will know that I'm preparing to make a large watercolour painting of Bella Mitchell (a virtual student maker and favourite character). Here she is before being painted. 


I'm  not sure if the mouth works that well but I've changed the whole shape of my watercolour layers and I think I have a plan.


For me the watercolour thing is about being confident of what I'm doing and letting go of the control. It's still in the 'anything could happen' phase ! I still need more practice and will look for more little practice exercises. I have a small space in my week for painting but I can see some improvement and will keep going.

Thanks for reading.