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Wednesday, 6 May 2015

Tools and Technique Day

Hi Everyone
I'm choosing a couple of simple tools today for my post. The first is a simple 'push stamp' tool - used mostly by sugar craft folk. I'm using it to make some simple, quite thin round polymer beads. The thin polymer clay would not keep its shape without the use of the push stamp and although I don't want exactly the same beads, I'd like a range of similar sizes and a round shape. I have several sizes of this tool which is perfect for my plan. Im using three different size round shapes for the job - the sizes correspond with the size of the stripe beads.  The flat beads will be used as spacer beads in the between some new stripe beads (part of my current Imitation Game project).

These particular beads have taken very little clay and are a quick make, I made and finished  the lot (to this stage) within an hour.

I wanted to have quite a rough surface finish to add a little Titan Buff acrylic paint. This will add another dimension to the bead and link it with the striped beads (also have an acrylic layer of Titan Buff). I was in two minds about putting the flat beads through the tumbler but in the end just worked each bead with a light sandpaper strip. 
The nail files are my second tool. They are brilliant for small sanding jobs and are relatively cheap. The ones I use are coloured on one side and often I use them to add a slight contrast to a bead. If a bright colour is sanded with a darker colour nail file the coloured sand adds a little contrast which is pleasing and adds to the decoration of the surface. It's a subtle difference but I like the result.


I'm hoping the new beads (after a quick seal and polish) can be put together later today. I have plans for a bracelet and a necklace. I want the bracelet to be threaded onto stretchy thread but may put the larger beads onto a suede or leather thong. Still undecided ? I will test out a few experiments.

Thanks for reading.