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Thursday, 14 May 2015

Imitation Game (again)

Hi Everyone
I'm sharing yet more Striped Bead Necklaces (two to be exact) from my ongoing Imitation Game Series 1 beads. I think, this maybe the last beads to be developed in this collection. These necklaces are (I think) the most successful so far (although there are many other beads to be developed into pieces of jewellery). Since making the latest necklaces, I've worn nothing else. I've been searching each day for an outfit which will fit the beads !  I've also made a pair of simple, small stud earrings as part of this collection using the stripe surface pattern (also worn every day). These pieces are quite easy to wear and my usual all blue clothes tend to fit. Here they are :


The first image shows the use of round spacer beads to allow the larger striped 'barrel beads' to fit together. 


The second image shows longer 'tube beads' with more of the round spacers. I've used three round beads at one side of the necklace to give more of an 'edgy' design.

At the moment both necklaces are simply threaded onto wax cotton and tied with a knot. I'm considering adding a silver S clasp to both necklaces but I'm not sure ? I will wear them for a while and decide.

I will eventually 'officially' close the Striped Bead Collection after all the beads have been turned into pieces of jewellery until then I'm begining to experiment with the next Imitation Game (which I've already mentioned way back) called Starburst. Here is photo of the inspiration piece :


This second photo is also part of my initial plans


I'm going to start experimenting as soon as I can. Probably, it's going to be  Friday.
I hope to have something to share for next weeks Imitation Gamr post.

Thanks for reading.