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Tuesday, 12 May 2015

The Making Framework

Hi Everyone
Today, Bella is going to a Making Framework Workshop. The workshop is a paper craft session and will produce a Thank You card and a couple of gift tags. Unfortunately, Bella can only stay for a short time (the session is a three hour session) because she is deep into her exam schedule. She is finding her interest in craft a great way of relaxing and taking time out of the revision cycle.

Bella will receive a kit with all the ingredients necessary to produce her card and tags. The tools are provided in the workshop but Bella is hoping to buy a basic tool kit designed for the Paper Craft sessions. Here is a quick look at the paper kit :


She is hoping to check out any techniques which she needs to discuss in the first hour of the session. She knows that there will be lots of opportunity to get more support In the future from the this blog which will support the Framework.

I'm going to provide a range of  'technique and tips' on the Wednesday blog slot (starting next week). These slots will link with Making Kits which will be available in my online shops. I will provide links as the kits become available.
Here is a quick look at the card and tags samples from the workshop.



Bella has agreed to write a review of her time in the workshop and share her card and tags next time. We will look forward to hearing about her experience.

Thanks for reading.