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Friday, 22 May 2015

Knitting little things

Hi Everyone
I'm sharing some very small knitted things today. If you look back a few weeks you will see some little felted dogs I've been making. I'm thrilled with my little guys and had an idea to make them some jumpers. Some of the dogs will take the jumpers but not all of them. The dogs which don't have jumpers will have scarfs and/or hats - no one will loose out ! I'm not so precious about the knitted item and I also have some little bits of leather which could turn into something interesting to wear ?
One of the items I've made is a little cardigan/coat  - it doesn't actually fit any of the dogs ! I need to make either another dog or a doll. I can't quite decide ? - Im swaying towards a doll at the moment but that could change. 
I don't have a pattern for the knitting, I just knit and go with it. At this point, I also need to say I'm not a great knitter in terms of skill but I'm getting better as I practice knitting the jumpers. The best part of knitting little things is they don't take too long and don't have lots of stitches. When I make a mistake I've no problem taking out and starting again. I'm definitely improving my quality - less jumpers being undone. I may even turn into a real knitter, one day !
Here's a look at some of the things in the Knitted Collection so far :




The knits need to be 'dressed' a little better but you get the idea. I've really enjoyed knitting these little items and will keep going with the dogs. Everything here needs a bit more work and there are plans for furniture too.

Have a great weekend. It's yet another holiday week next week. I will be posting a few photos stories along the way.

Thanks for reading