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Tuesday, 5 May 2015

Making Framework

Hi Everyone
I'm giving a bit of background for the Making Framework Initiative today. I've mentioned the idea a few times but this little piece firms up the plan.This initiative is about persuading as many people as possible to get involved in making things. It doesn't really matter what you make as long as you are 'making'.

 I believe the process of making is important. I feel its key to start with basic tools and materials rather than simply fitting things (already made) together. There are many craft kits out there but most feature components which fit together. In my world, the approach is much more about starting from scratch and making the components themselves. My approach demands a different mind set ie it about making something beautiful or useful or imaginative etc. using a basic material and changing it. The reason for making needs only to be important to the maker. Basic materials will be paper or wool or clay etc. Sometimes, it's not possible to make the component (yet) eg a silver jewellery clasp. This maybe because either the skills are not yet developed or the tools and materials are specialist and/or possibly not available (yet). I'm suggesting, however, that these higher level skills and resources are just a step away and anything is possible.

The mind set of the maker becomes an inspirational thing and creativity flows. The early maker adopters are positively evangelical - it's a scary thing to observe. A sense or personal achievement often develops very quickly and the maker becomes open to all kinds of creative stimulation. There is no place for the craft purist here. We are talking all crafts and all making projects. All such projects are to be tickled with enthusiasm. The maker becomes an artist maker very quickly and the world is a different place. Everyday items are all up for crafting. The maker is a creative thinker and a much nicer person -perhaps that going a bit far !
In the begining, the skills of the maker are not hugely important although it's more encouraging to make something which you can be proud of rather than throwing any made item in the bin at the earliest opportunity. To facilitate this, I've come up with a number of making projects (about 25 so far) which covers many recognisable crafts. Each project is designed as either a complete starter project or is slightly more involved and will be called a level 1-3. All projects can be tackled by anyone at any time, although, the starter is designed to be an introduction to a particular craft. 
I'm running some regular local workshops (short build up programmes) and a series of Make and Take Events (stand alone) to support the projects. I'm also developing kits and support materials which will be available on line. There will be a book as well as an ebook to underpin the projects. I hope there will be a series of books but the first one will look a bit like this :


The cover may change a little but I like the bright colours and it's one of my paintings - so I can do as I like with it. I may need to add or change elements and I can easily give myself permission. It's also going to be one of the projects.