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Friday, 1 May 2015

Friday - mini project

Hi Everyone
My mini project today is the clay flower series. 
I'm back (sort of) on track with the clay flower development. This is a series of little clay flower projects which will be adapted for various packaging and display purposes. I've already developed a Blue Poppy and today will be the Pink Chrysanthamum (previously scheduled for a few weeks ago) - better late than never !
Here is a view of the flower 'to be' -


This photo shows a red flower but my first attempt with this design will be pink. I'm hopeful I can make a good job and develop a series of different pink flowers of different sizes. 
My task today will be a small flower - just to get the shape of the petals and understand how they need to be arranged. I have a new little tool for the job -


I'm going to time the job (including preparation/clearing up etc) - it's important that I can develop the flowers in an hour (post prototype). I will probably take my time with the first one and enjoy the experience. Once I get going, I know I will love making this flower.

Its been quite a busy week this week and I'm looking forward to a relaxing few days - not sure how many times I've planned that ! What could possibly go wrong ?

Have a good weekend and thanks for reading.