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Tuesday, 19 May 2015

The Making Framework

Hi Everyone
Today's Making Framework has invited Bella Mitchell to write a review of her participation in one of the Making Framework Tuesday Workshops. These workshops happen twice each month (during term school term time) and introduce students to lots of different craft making projects. The projects are available as kits which can be bought independently but the workshops offer tuition and a chance to work alongside others, as well as giving opportunity to make friends.
Here is Bella's review :

Bella Mitchell Review
 Tuesday (11/5/15) Workshop Paper Making (2)

  ''I really enjoyed going to the workshop, I was a little apprehensive about signing up because I didn't think I would know anyone and I'm quite a shy person. 
As I arrived, I was met by Gill, the workshop facilitator and our tutor for the session. She needed some help organising the furniture in the room and I volunteered. This little job helped me to relax and get involved immediately. Shortly, the other members of the group arrived and Gill introduced me to them as they walked in. Everyone spoke to me and made sure I felt welcome.
We started the session with an explantation of what we hoped to achieve and we looked, in detail, at the workshop kit. Having organised the contents of the kit, the first task was to make an envelope. We followed step by step instruction and everyone completed the task at the same time. We then discussed the steps needed to make a card and a couple of tags. This part of the workshop was more about individual style and choices which I enjoyed.
At key points Gill would give tips and show specific techniques or suggest design ideas. This part of the session felt more relaxed and I lost myself in my own ideas. I was pleased with my efforts and felt I'd made the right decision to come to the workshop.
We all enjoyed a cup of coffee and continued chatting and working. I couldn't believe the time when Gill suggested we start to collect our things together to leave.
I had a great time. The whole session inspired me to go on and make more cards and tags. Gill took photos of all our 'makes' and we went on our way. I will definitely be back to do more workshops.When I  shared my makes with a group of friends over lunch -  they immediately gave me an order - for a batch of similar cards. What a bonus !
I need to buy one more kit and will have enough materials for my new commission. I also bought a Basic Tool Kit which give me the tools I need to make the extra cards and tags. I will be checking out the shop kits over the next few weeks for new making ideas''

Big thank you to Bella for taking time out to write this review.

Here are a few photos of some of the work produced during the workshop. The workshop title was PaperCraft (2) FROM SCRATCH. Kits will be available from the shops on this blog site in a few days.