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Monday, 21 December 2015

Christmas Holiday Post

Hi Everyone
It's the official first day of Christmas Holidays today (for me). So .... I've decided, I'm going to add a little Christmas/post Christmas 'thing' everyday until the return to work day which I think, maybe something like the 6/1/16 ? Not sure ? but I will find out and work to it. I should be in full panic mode by now, however, as mentioned a few time this year - it's all going 'swimmingly' !! 
I do have stuff to wrap and a little bit of fresh food shopping to do but generally all is well and under control. It's the first year I've actually felt like I'm enjoying Christmas for myself rather than feeling I'm doing everything for everyone else and just getting stressed out by the whole experience. Hope your experience is good too.

My little thing for today is a collection of our Christmas trees. We seem to have a few trees going on this year. I'm going to change some of the trees around so that we have a little bit of Christmas in each room.


Thanks for reading.