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Tuesday, 15 December 2015

The Making Framework

Hi Everyone
It's our last Christmas Workshop before the holiday break today. This week will finish off a range of Christmas inspired 'makes' from the last few sessions. We have the felted trees to decorate and we can develop a couple of tree hanging charms which could be worn as a necklace or earrings. We also have the option to make a little card.
All the skills and techniques we will be using today, incorporate the skills practiced in previous projects. We are also including most of the materials we have used in The Making Framework to date. Everyone has jumped up a league in terms of confidence and skills which allows us to offer a range of smaller projects within the individual workshop session. 
I plan to give a quick series of demonstrations at the begining of the workshop and show some little samples. Everyone can then choose which mini project they want to complete and where to start. Some people may wish to take a little kit away- if they don't have the time to complete all the projects. Here is a quick overview of the mini projects we will tackle.


I will share our 'makes' next time with a round up of what we have achieved this term. We will also enjoy a few mince pies with tea/coffee today.

Thanks for reading.