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Wednesday, 2 December 2015

Recipe Wednesday

Hi Everyone
Bit of a disaster today re my recipe. I should have served it up last night but we had a friend for dinner and there was not enough to go around. So, the pudding of the week will happen this evening.
This is a construction rather than a cooking thing. It's going to be called Apple Caramel Waffles. It's a layered Apple purée (I prepared/cooked) with vanilla cream and a caramel waffle biscuit, topped with flaked almonds. Here are the apples (puréed and in a bag) and the waffle biscuits. I need to whip up some vanilla cream, layer everything on the plates and sprinkle with flaked almonds


 I would say it's about a 15min job including cooking the apples. I like the idea and the flavours. It's almost got a 5 before its delivered from me. However, the boys are a bit more demanding in terms of their puddings. So .... we will see if it makes it into the book. Read back on Wednesdays for background on the book.

I will get a few photos as I'm serving and post later with the scores.

Thanks for reading. Don't forget to call in later for the results.

Results are in : the pudding goes into the book. 
13/15 marks and a new name : Almond Mountain.
 Here is the pudding as it was served :


Thanks for reading.