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Tuesday, 8 December 2015

The Making Framework

Hi Everyone
Today's Making Framework is featuring our Christmas MAKES from the last few workshop sessions.We will take the items further next workshop but I think all the Makes have been a success. Here they are so far :


The first four samples on my first board - Air Dry Clay gift tags, Air Dry Clay layered Christmas Tree, Mini Beaded Tree and Angel Charms use a variety of materials and skills. The Air Dry Clay gave us some lovely tags and a cute little silver tree. I'm thinking of developing some little baubles for the tree.
Prior to the Christmas Series, we had just finished a jewellery beading series which proved quite challenging but everyone has emerged much more confident and these simple charms are easily achievable. The Mini Beaded Charms (3) look quite simple but does take time to develop the attractive balance of increasing circles and the beaded star for the top. The Angel Charms (4) can be worn as Christmas earrings or a necklace charm or as a charm for a small tree decoration. These are very simple and lots of design options are available depending on the beads chosen. A similar effect can be made into little Christmas trees or bells. The wire wrapping element of the Angels (making the hook at the top) will introduce the group to a new skill and some new tools and we will pick this up again in the New Year. The Annabelle Tree (5) uses another wire wrapping tool and develops wire wrapping to another level. I've also used more tools with this mini project. Again, this charm can be used as jewellery or hanging charms. We will use artistic wire for practicing and will have the option of making Sterling Silver samples in the New Year.

The felted trees (6 & 7) have been very popular. I prefer the plain, simple approach with a little star tag but the options are endless for decoration from minimal to elaborate. The final (8) image contains tiny little trees made from polymer clay. These embellishments will be coloured with metalic waxes and used to decorate simple contemporary Christmas cards and tags. I think the die cut machine will be out making words and perhaps we will develop some bows with paper/ribbon. I also love to introduce little bells somewhere. Next time, I will share new sample cards and tags incorporating the trees et al  for our last workshop of the year.

Thanks for reading.