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Thursday, 10 December 2015

Clay Day

Hi Everyone
I'm not having too much success with my latest project. I need to spend more time finding or making a way of developing my surface pattern design.
Here is a quick reminder of what I'm trying to do. The top image is where Im trying to go with the surface design. My samples are not trying to look like the beads in the top image - I'm  just experimenting with the surface pattern. I especially like the contrast in both the size of the highs and lows of the surface as well as the colours.


These examples are scraps of clay which I've been playing with to try and get the right surface pattern. I need a different pattern - the bottom images in the yellow colour are made using burlap (similar to the fabric on the top image) and the darker brown has an image from a little mat that I use for soldering on my bench. The light colour has a standard piece of rough cotton. In my mind, I see the pattern in cotton carpet runners. I don't have such an item but will continue with my experiments until I get a better pattern. I'm going to try out some more experiments on white clay today and will try getting some coloured inks to highlight the patterns. I will mix up the pattern today and try for different directions of the 'weave' look.
I'm also developing some embellishments in clay for Christmas cards today,so may get a little distracted !

As usual, I will share my results next time.

Thanks for reading.