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Friday, 4 December 2015

From Scratch

Hi Everyone
Can't believe its Friday again ! It's also incredibly close to Chirstmas and I'm being very slow to organise my own Christmas. It's time to get it sorted as soon as possible. Must spend my day concentrating on this. 
However, moving on ...... more interesting news - my From Scratch offer today for another stocking filler is a new ring. I'm going to use this design for a couple of presents for my own friends (so, there is a sort of link to my opening comment !). I want to make some really special packaging/ boxes for the rings too. I'm not totally sure what to do at the moment , perhaps I will use some decoupage ideas ?
The ring is quite a simple peyote technique construction and can look quite stunning when worn. Here is an example of one I made earlier. I've named the ring 'Anna'.


I'm going to use different colours for a new approach and a different look. I'd also like to make one as a Christmas present to myself (in pink). I will share the results next time.
If you are interested in a kit - these rings will be around the £6 mark, for a completed version, £7.50. Anyone interested should contact me via Facebook (private message) or message my Etsy shop.

Have a great weekend.
Thanks for reading.