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Monday, 7 December 2015

Make Art Monday

Hi Everyone
Today, I'm pushing on with the print project that I described last week (read back last Mon. for details). I needed to resize my image to fit the size of my printing Lino (10x15cm) and decided I would try and make Anna's face a little 'softer'. So, I've made slight changes to the basic drawing on the Lino block. I also want to use a few different colours for my prints and will try and make some good decisions in terms of the carving process. I'm not sure exactly how this will turn out but will just go with it. Initially, I tried tracing my face shape onto the Lino therefor the actual shape is reversed. However, after the initial face shape, I've abandoned the tracing and just make a sketch directly on the Lino. As a result the face is not quite the same as the original Anna sketch.
The face does look a little different but I'm OK with it. Today, I will go for the first carve and make an initial print. That's the plan !! Here is a quick look at the developments on the Lino :


I will share my progress next time. Wish me luck.

Thanks for reading.