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Friday, 18 December 2015

From Scratch

Hi Everyone
By now, I guess we are all into panic mode re Christmas preparations ? Not me, not this year ! Not sure how or why this has happened but I'm gloriously relaxed about the whole thing. I'm pretty much sorted in terms of my stuff , again - not sure how this has happened ? I'm just going with it and enjoying the gradual build up to the Day. I think, for me, it's all about not starting too early, having huge expectations of feeling 'in control' and on top of the organisation way before it's necessary. Anyway, it feels good to me, so I'm going with it. Don't get me wrong, I'm busy and still have a list (every day) but I'm enjoying the process for the first time in ages.

Now, back to today's offer - a beaded, stretch bracelet. When its all too late to start ordering stuff or you need an unexpected gift or yet another stocking filler - this is just what to do. I'm showing a pearl version here but any beads will do. You can add bling with sparkly beads or you could string semi precious stones/ precious metals for a bit more quality. The idea is simple, just measure some stretch thread around your wrist, add a little extra for the knot. Thread your beads onto the thread. Tie the knot securely, I always use a Surgeons Knot (Google if you are not familiar). I also dab a little glue on the knot for extra security and that's that. Once you have collected all the ingredients - it's a 10 mins. job.

These bracelets have come to my rescue many times. I often end up making myself such an item around Christmas. Stretchy bracelets can be made from all kinds of novelty beads, not usually my thing but at Christmas taste/sophistication can be redefined for a few days ! Quite young children can also make these bracelets (may need a bit of help with tying) so there's another opportunity for a stocking filler kit.

You can make such a gift look great - wrap in tissue and place in a lovely little gift pocket and add a label.


Thanks for reading.