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Monday, 14 December 2015

Make Art Monday

Hi Everyone
I'm working on my Anna prints project today (read back each Monday for more information on this) and have made an initial outline print of Anna. I have used an ink pad for testing the outline and it's OK.


I've made my test print on a watercolour paper with a surface which gives a pleasing surface design. Although the  print was simply a test for the Lino carving but I quite like the result. While working on this project, I have changed my plans every hour ! It's very exciting to be testing out these skills which I first tried out while at school. I do find the techniques very satisfying. I'm going to keep the centre face area blank for a while, I will draw in some features to slightly change the Anna character but will gradually develop more carving and a fresh few prints each time. I like the idea of a mixed media approach and will experiment with some fabric printing too.
 I've acquired a new fine carving blade and will carve more with my new tool today. I also want to practice with some gelli printing on fabric today ( more on this next time). I'd like to make some fabric prints for clothing. I think Anna will be a full character with a body ? - although all things are under consideration. I quite like the idea of a line of Anna's- all slightly different.

Thanks for reading.